L’Usine Bleue Indigo chore jacket

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L’Usine Bleue indigo chore jacket

A limited original in eco cotton-linen
This limited edition chore jacket is our hommage to the workers at the legendary Renault factory in L’Île Seguin outside Paris. The heavy and hard-wearing eco fabric’s mix of un-dyed linen and indigo cotton gives the jacket a unique, raw, and structured look that ages beautifully with wear. The model is based on the classic ”Bleu de Travail” and each jacket is numbered 1-99.

Metis fabric from recycled cotton and eco linen

Metis, which means ”mix”, is a very old type of fabric weaved from both cotton and linen. It’s lighter than pure linen fabrics and more durable, making it perfect for workwear.

Linen is the only plant textile fiber originating in France. It doesn’t require irrigation and needs only rain water to grown. The un-dyed organic linen in this jacket is grown in France and the cotton is 100% re-cycled and dyed dark blue with eco indigo. The natural brown buttons are made from the fallen seeds of the corozo tree.

Made in France

The 50/50 linen-cotton fabric is weaved by Atelier Metis, a new generation of French weavers who work with old, restored looms and in small series. The recycled and eco-dyed cotton is made in Alsace.

The jacket is sewn by Le Laboureur, one of the last continually operational workwear makers in France, according to the classic ”bleu de travail” model – shirt collar, two front pockets, one breast pocket, one inner pocket and single-buttoned cuffs.

The natural corozo buttons are made by Bouton Kocher in France since 1910.

Sustainable care

About 25% of the carbon footprint of a garment comes from the way we wash and care for it. By increasing wear between washes the environmental impact can be reduced.

- Brush the jacket regularly to remove dust and dirt

- Hang it outside to relax and freshen up the fibers

- Wash inside out in low temperatures and with an sustainable detergent

- Mend and patch if necessary – this gives the jacket personality and collector’s value (lovingly used French work jackets are highly sought after)

- Wear it often and for everything – it’s made for it!


L’Usine Bleue indigo chore jacket

  • 460 g/16 oz drill weave
  • 50% undyed, natural French linen
  • 50% recycled, eco indigo dyed cotton
  • Weaved on 1950s machines by Manufacture Metis in Alsace
  • Sewn by Le Laboureur in Burgundy
  • Natural corozo buttons by Kocher