L’amour est bleue

Vincent Tallec – a Frenchman in Stockholm.
In a tiny store on Skånegatan in SOFO, Stockholm’s trendiest neighborhood, a Frenchman carefully rearranges blue overshirts and woolen sweaters. In his right pocket he secretely keeps a pack of Gauloises and an old Opinel. To him, the items on the hangers around him are not clothes – they’re stories. Answer his cheery ”Bonjour!” and he’ll tell them to you. For hours and hours.

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Saint James Wool Officer Peacoat

The traditional and top-of-the-line 100% wool naval officer’s peacoat, or reefer, has looked more or less the same since the 1800s. It’s simply perfectly designed for the job. Warm, wind-proof and water-repellant – but without sacrificing style. Flip up and button the collar and the North Sea has nothing on you

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