L’amour est bleue

Vincent Tallec – a Frenchman in Stockholm.
In a tiny store on Skånegatan in SOFO, Stockholm’s trendiest neighborhood, a Frenchman carefully rearranges blue overshirts and woolen sweaters. In his right pocket he secretely keeps a pack of Gauloises and an old Opinel. To him, the items on the hangers around him are not clothes – they’re stories. Answer his cheery ”Bonjour!” and he’ll tell them to you. For hours and hours.

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Le Laboureur
Original Craftsman’s jacket

This jacket in heavy, broad and very durable cotton corduroy was originally constructed for carpenters, brick layers, metal workers and other craftsmen to stay warm when working outdoors. Pockets have re-inforced lining to keep sharp objects from poking through, in case you want to bring screws and nails somewhere.

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